The oldest continuously operating Grist Mill
in the United States
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Friends of Wye Mill, Inc.

Friends of Wye Mill, Inc. formed in 1996 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation to assist with Wye Mill preservation.

In 1996 Preservation Maryland transferred the ownership of the Wye Grist Mill to the Friends of Wye Mill, Inc., which is dedicated to ensuring that the Wye Grist Mill is preserved, operated, visited and appreciated as an extraordinary example of American National Treasures.

Board of Directors

President:  John Nizer
Vice President:  Constantine Kleissas
Secretary:  Mary Alice Casey
Treasurer :  Ellen K. Smith

Office Staff & Mill Committees

Office Manager & Mill Curator: Rhonda Corder   Education: VACANT
CPA: Shore Accountants


Volunteer Millers & Docents

Consider being a volunteer at Old Wye Mill, and be a part of this National Treasure, please contact us for more information.  If under  the age of 18, must have parental approval.